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Baseball and Softball Glove Repair- Vintage & Antique Glove Collecting (email for free estimates and appraisals)

The Glove Shop  Price List

Estimates and Quotations are ALWAYS FREE

Total Glove Lace Replacement (includes FREE leather cleaning)

  • Fielder's Glove (typical): $30
  • Fielder's Glove with "Trap" style Web: $35
  • First Base Mitts: $35
  • Catcher's Mitts: $40

"Spring Training" Basic Glove Tune-Up

  • Inspect and Properly Tension all Laces, Re-Shape Pocket, Two-Step Clean and Condition Leather: $20

SIngle Lace Replacement

  • Top of Fingers; Web; Wrist Lace; Palm Lace; $10 each
  • Thumb or Pinky Lace: $5 each 
  • Catcher and First Base Mitts- Perimeter/Outer Edge Laces: $20 

Other Glove Services

  • Leather Cleaning/Conditioning: $15 (FREE with total glove re-lace)  
  • Add Interior Padding: $15
  • Fabricate & Install new Thumb or Pinky Loop: $20
  • Torn Leather, Holes, Misc. Damage Repair: Contact for Quote 

Shipping and Drop-Offs

  • Gloves may be shipped to us at your expense, by the carrier of your choice, or dropped-off in person. All mail orders must add a $10 charge for return shipping. There is no shipping charge for local drop-offs. Click the "CONTACT" link for our shipping and email addresses.

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